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Privacy Policy

How we handle your particular information when you use our games and services is explained in our sequestration statement. Your nonpublic information isn't vended to outside parties by us. When it's necessary to offer you the service or to make it more, we might expose your information to third parties. What kind of data do we gather? We gather particular data that's necessary to offer you services. Included are your name, age, gender, and a link to your public profile print on social media.

Your particular information, similar as your phone number or credit card information, isn't collected or stored by us. We might use your information to let you know about significant updates to our software, promotional offers, and software upgrades, as well as to give you operation and software backing.

For us to offer you our services and support, we might need to collect certain information. In that case, it's possible that we will not be suitable to offer you one or further of the services you presently use. We don't remove the former game records or results from our social games.

Collection and Use Of Persional Information

Every time we gather particular data, it's safe with us. This information is used to enhance stoner experience. Every time we partake data, whether it be for marketable ornon-commercial purposes, with any organisation or the general public, all tête-à-tête relating information is removed. We also incorporate 3rd party SDKs for announcement donation in our iOS and Android apps. These third- party SDKs may gather some particular data and display acclimatized announcements.

These third- party SDKS may produce interests and demographics( similar as" sports fanatics") using the advertising ID from the device on which our programme is installed. The stoner may admit better targeted announcements grounded on their interests, demographics, and other information. In our operations, we use the following SDKs One is Google AdMob. 2. Advertisements in Unity Three. OneSignal Facebook 4.

User of services – Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to the use of our Service:

➔You must not use the Service if you are under the age of 18. You must deny anyone under 18 to use your account. You are fully responsible for any unauthorized use of the Service including not limited to the use of credit card or any payment by any method.

➔You shall use your account only for non-commercial entertainment purposes. You shall not use the Service for any other purpose.

➔You shall not use your account for any illegal activity.

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